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Scientific research and working with Māori (V0148)

Industrial Research Limited work closely with New Zealand Māori on the Harakeke Project, bringing together traditional Māori knowledge and science.

Stephen Tauwhare describes how the project enabled Industrial Research Limited to form a strong relationship with Māori.


Wiremu: Did you see any other potential to help Māori through doing this Harakeke Project? What sort of things came out?

Stephen Tauwhare (Industrial Research Limited ): I think the really important thing about this project, from the place where I work and their perspective, is that it enabled a relationship, or it enabled them to reach out and form a relationship with Māori. For me, it was one of the really exciting things about the project as well. From the perspective of Māori and the Māori communities, I think one of the really important things about the project was that it enabled our people to engage in science.


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