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Professor Yusuf Chisti

Yusuf Chisti
University Professor
Biochemical engineering
Place of Work
Institute of Technology and Engineering, Massey University

Yusuf is currently a professor and researcher at Massey University. His expertise is in biochemical engineering.




Biochemical engineers develop, design and operate processes that use all kinds of cells to produce useful products.

I wanted to get into something 'hot'...

Biochemical engineers work in food, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries.

Some biochemical engineers use microorganisms to destroy harmful pollutants in the environment and clean wastewater that goes down our drains.

Go to the Massey website to get more information on biochemical engineering

Career Pathway

Yusuf completed a chemistry degree at the University of Jos in Nigeria.

His next step was driven by ambition – “I wanted to get into something ‘hot’.” This caused him to move to University College London to do a masters degree in biochemical engineering.

After that he spent two years teaching in Nigeria and then headed to Canada to do a PhD in biochemical engineering. Yusuf spent nearly 3 years in the Canadian biotechnology industry where he used animal cells to make biopharmaceutical proteins.

Since then he has taught and carried out research all over the world, and now in New Zealand.

He continues to work closely with colleagues in Spain and Canada, and makes frequent visits to both countries to catch up with research projects that he is still involved.

He says that biotechnology retains the allure and excitement that first attracted him as a student.

He believes that no other industry has such close links between knowledge and wealth creation, or between research expertise and commercial success.


Reading, writing, nature.


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