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Biopolymer Network Limited

Biopolymer Network Limited aims to produce new materials from renewable biological resources, such as animal by products, crops and forestry.

Biopolymers are a special class of large molecule produced by living organisms. Scientists in the Biopolymer Network are researching how these biopolymers can be used to replace non renewable resources, like petroleum based products, for the manufacture of a wide range of materials.

Research projects include:

  • Using biopolymers from wood cellulose, grain polysaccharides and proteins to replace components of synthetic plastics.
  • Using natural fibres from wood, flax, hemp and other crops to replace components of fibreglass.
  • Creating biopolymer based formulating agents for cosmetics, personal care products, adhesives and other specialty chemical products.

Biopolymer Network Limited was formed in August 2005 as a collaboration between three research organisations: AgResearch, Crop & Food Research (now called Plant & Food Research) and Scion.

Biopolymer Network Limited
Web Address:
Private Bag 4749
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 325 6658
Fax: +64 3 325 2916
Research, development and collaboration.


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