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Stem cell therapy for arthritic dogs

26 May, 2010

Source: Pet Doctors

A new stem cell therapy for dogs will soon be available in New Zealand. It offers an alternative treatment for companion animals suffering from degenerative joint disease.

Called AdiCell, the therapy uses the dog’s own regeneration system to treat painful arthritic joints by implanting stem cells into the affected areas.

Since the technology was launched in Australia in 2008, more than 200 dogs have been treated, with most showing a reduction in pain within 10 days and for nearly 2 years after treatment.

The AdiCell treatment offers an alternative for the thousands of Kiwi dogs that suffer from degenerative joint disease, Dr Steve Merchant of the Pet Doctors group says.

“While there are good medications and diets that help to relieve joint degeneration and arthritis in dogs, there are some animals that don’t respond to those treatments. AdiCell offers new hope for these dogs. By using the dog’s own fat cells and genetic material to regenerate their joints, they can lead healthier and more active lives without drugs.

“Many pet owners have experienced the heartache of seeing a previously active dog deteriorate in mobility, for simple things like getting into the car, going for walks or having a play at the beach.”


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