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Dairy based biofuel launched

23 Sep, 2008

Source: Gull Petroleum Press Release, August 2008

New Zealand’s first commercial biofuel was made available to motorists in August. The fuel is a blend of petrol and ethanol made from milk.

Fonterra has been contracted to supply the fuel company Gull New Zealand with ethanol which will be added to its premium petrol. Fonterra can produce 30,000 litres of ethanol a day at its Edgecumbe plant, and over five million litres in a dairy season.

The whey ethanol biofuel blend will be aimed at owners of recently imported cars who want to use a ‘green’ fuel, Dave Bodger of Gull New Zealand says.

Petrol with the bio-ethanol additive would lower greenhouse gas emissions and give motorists higher performance, while cleaning their car’s fuel system, Wayne Ferrell of Gull Petroleum adds.

From April 2009 oil companies in New Zealand will have to start providing biofuels. This is to help acheive the Government mandated target for all petrol and diesel to contain 3.4 percent biofuel by 2012.


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