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Biopolymer network wins international bioplastics award

31 Dec, 2008

Source: Scion Research

A new environmentally friendly biofoam developed by New Zealand scientists has received an international award for the Best Innovation in Bioplastics at a ceremony in Munich, Germany.

The research and product development was undertaken by a team of Scion scientists within the Biopolymer Network, a joint venture between three of New Zealand’s Crown Research Institutes – Scion, AgResearch and Plant & Food Research.

“The creation of the biofoam uses a cost-effective, environmentally friendly process to make moulded biopolymer foams from sustainable, renewable resources,” Scion Chief Executive Tom Richardson says.

“While traditional plastics are primarily derived from oil, polylactic acid (PLA) is rapidly emerging as the world’s leading bioplastic and is a sustainable ‘green plastic’ largely derived from corn.”

Biopolymer Network Acting Chief Executive Sarah Heine says the biofoam “ticks all the sustainability boxes” and can potentially be used in many applications where polystyrene is traditionally applied, such as in thermal or acoustic insulation.

“This is a win-win-win situation for the manufacturer, the end-user customer and the environment,” Sarah says.


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